Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Desktop

Looking for a desktop that has all the features you need and want but don't want the unsightly clutter that comes with it? Then the Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Desktop is the solution that you are looking for!

The Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Desktop is a 3D-capable all-in-one desktop solution that you will surely appreciate. Equipped with Intel's 2nd Generation processors, the IdeaCentre B520 Desktop sports up to Core i7 quad-core processors and up to 16GB in DDR3 memory. And because it's a 3D Desktop, there is even more to be desired.

The IdeaCentre B520 all-in-one desktop comes with a 23-inch frameless HD Display that is supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision and is a multitouch touch screen with Projected Capacitive Touch technology. Enjoy viewing your favorite movies at home and experience the crisp SRS Premium Sound on the speakers for that ultimate movie experience. An optional TV Tuner is also available to watch television shows from your desktop.

With up to 2TB of Hard Disk Storage, never worry about running out of disk space on your Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Desktop. You can also connect your IdeaCentre B520 to your home HDTV with the HDMI output of the B520.

This is definitely a computer worth checking out.

Source: Lenovo IdeaCentre B520

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop Review

One of the favorites for small businesses, the Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop is sought after because of its features that make it suitable both for home and office use while being priced at a budget-conscious level.

Sporting a 14-inch form factor, the Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop has a 1366x768 HD display that remains sharp whichever way you view it. Graphics support is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. This particular model can be customized to suit your needs and can come with 2nd Generation Intel processors of up to Core i7-2670QM together with 6GB of DDR3-SDRAM-1333.

What you'll notice physically about the Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop is the dual-color scheme of metallic gray and black that gives it a casual business look. The raised keyboard of the Lenovo IdeaPad V470 lets you type more easily and with less errors as compared to those laptops with flat keyboards.

Need a lot of room for storage while on the go? No need to worry since the IdeaPad V470 can come with a 750GB (5400rpm) hard disk drive as well as a DVD recordable optical drive to easily bring media and files along anywhere you go.

The Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop is definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Laptop

The Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Laptop is somewhat like an oversized ultrabook in its design riding on the ultrabook craze. Boasting of a 14-inch HD Glossy screen that is powered by a dedicated graphics card in the form of AMD Radeon HD 6470M with 1GB of VRAM, this baby will definitely give you crystal clear graphics that you would love to show off. Together with Intel Wireless Display technology, mirror your laptop screen on your home HDTV screen.

Packed with Intel's 2nd Generation Core processors with support of up to Core i7, the Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Laptop will not fail your computing needs. With memory of up to 8GB DDR3-SDRAM-1333, you can run various applications simultaneously without fear of your computer slowing down. Store all your files and bring them with you with up to 750GB of Hard Disk storage with an optional 64GB Solid State Drive storage.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Laptop runs Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium and weighs just a little over 4 pounds making it easy for you to tote around wherever you need to go.

Check it out now! The Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Laptop.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lenovo Essential H330 Desktop

If you are looking for a budget desktop PC that still packs in a lot of features then the Lenovo Essential H330 Desktop is the computed that you are looking for. Packing Intel's 2nd Generation Core Processors, the Essential H330 works more like a low-end non-budget PC than that of a budget PC.

The Lenovo Essential H330 Desktop saves you space on your table because of its size, half the size of a standard desktop PC. Yet the H330 sports Intel processors of up to Core i7 with Turbo Boost Technology. The Essential H330 also comes with a dedicated graphics card up to AMD Radeon HD 6570 with 1GB of VRAM. The Lenovo Dynamic Brightness automatically adjusts screen brightness depending on ambient light conditions to look after your eyes.

With up to 8GB DDR3 memory, multitasking is a snap with the Lenovo Essential H330. Storage space is no problem either with up to 2TB of Hard Disk Space, you won't need to buy additional external storage devices for your machine. HD support lets you enjoy your favorite movies with crystal clear clarity.

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